While the first task of the Foundation is to preserve its works of art, the second focus of the Foundation’s activities is on mediation, i.e. the presentation of art from the SAMMLMUNG SCHROTH (Schroth Collection) and other collections through exhibitions, explanatory guided tours and educational programmes.

To this end, it was necessary to gain permanent access to exhibition space. The RAUM SCHROTH (Schroth Room), created through the cooperation with the city of Soest, now enables the permanent presence of works from the SAMMLMUNG SCHROTH (Schroth Collection) and others. Together with the museum management of the Museum Wilhelm Morgner, appropriate offers can now be developed, but also mediating events can be significantly strengthened. In the medium term, the team of the Conceptual Art Foundation will be supported by art historians who are engaged on a selective or temporary basis.

Furthermore, details of the collected art will have to be processed. For this purpose, workstations are available in the museum and the extensive literature collection of the collector and donor is available for use.